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Facts about PL Brake  

What is PL Brake®
PL Brake represents Knowledge and competence sharing for the benefit of common projects for local and global societal development, regardless of class, customs and ethnicity.

We desire to establish a major fond, which, via an excellent track-record and significant capital, will ensure the organisations concept, such that inventors (even into the next century) will be able to influence the common societal development, Without losing good ideas or wasting individual resources.

What do we stand for?
We take advantage of the knowledge possessed by PIW members to realise and commercialise projects that others simply do not have the capacity for. For that reason, a multifaceted knowledge from many different people around the world is required to solve diverse problems within projects before they are fully developed and marketed. PIW members consist of inventors, researchers, universities, knowledge centres large and small companies as well as NGO’s and organisations from third world countries, etc. We wish to communicate with people around the world who would otherwise never have this opportunity (due to the fear of industrial espionage, among other things).

What don’t we stand for?
We do not participate in the production of weapons. Neither do we allow ourselves to manufacture products that are worse for the environment than the ones they are designed to replace.

What do we offer?
We offer participation in global networks such as Panel of Inventors Worldwide ”PIW®”, which is administered by PL Brake®. PIW focuses on reshaping knowledge and ideas into viable companies via the goal-oriented use of all of PIW participants’ personal resources. Thus, thanks to a strong, experienced foundation, much superfluous work can be minimised.


  • A portable landmine detector that can localise and pinpoint all types of mass-produced landmines and ammunition. Read more about the project by clicking here.
  • Intelligent electronic road signs, in both fixed and mobile versions. Read more about the project by clicking here
  • Ground Zero ”WTC New York” Reconstruction recommendation. Read more about the project by clicking here
  • Ad hoc projects:
  • Denmark:
        1. Foreign substances in chewing gum.
        2. Livestock handling from field to slaughterhouse.
        3. Vegetable refrigeration from field to table.
        4. Liquid fertiliser treatment transformation into carbon, nitrogen and reusable water.
        5. Solar energy for illuminating signs and measuring equipment along roadsides.
        6. Wind energy for the same purposes as number 5 above.
      • France:
        Surveillance of dams.
      • Japan:
        The control of raw materials for CD production.
      • Sudan:
        Protection of ground water
      • India:
        Tsunami protection


Panel of Inventors Worldwide (PIW®)
Panel of Inventors Worldwide consists of individuals, small and large companies, knowledge centres and universities around the world, etc., who each have signed a co-operative contract with PL Brake. This inventor panel is without any formal leadership, and is solely administered by PL Brake.

The exact date of establishment
Inventor Consortium PL Brake® was founded 1 April 1995, by Lars Christensen.
The company is known as a consortium because of the many different specialist companies within PIW®.

PL Brake® is a one-man company, exclusively owned 100% by Lars Christensen.

PL Brake is expected to eventually be transformed into a “virgin” fund, which is to be founded for such a purpose. This will only occur once the necessary capital is available.

Co-operation form
Our co-operation form is based upon the exploitative principle ”No cure - no pay”. This means that employees in PL Brake receive remuneration as soon as a turnover is created for the individual project said employee has worked upon. Employees participate therefore out of shear hope, desire, and engagement in projects. They are given a degree of freedom with responsibility and with the understanding that they will meet deadlines as a part of a larger team.

Additionally, each member has the option to include his or her own company, knowledge centre, or institute at a university, such that problem solving can occur even faster.

Number of Panel of Inventors Worldwide (PIW®) members
As of 30 October 2006, PIW had 1,764 members in 141 countries. They have all signed a co-operative contract with PL Brake® vis-à-vis participation in PIW.


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