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Questions & Answers

What is PL Brake?
PL BRAKE is a one-of-a-kind inventor's company, the first based on the "no cure -  no pay" principle. This means that payment/wages will not be made until the company starts reaping the rewards and successes of a job well done. PL BRAKE is also the administrator of Panel of Inventors Worldwide (PIW), a forum meant to create optimum conditions for inventors to spend their time and energy on what they do best – creating and inventing.

What does PL Brake represent? - Our values and philosophies
Practical experience shows that a lot of inventors find multitasking hard to do. The administrative side of things often act as a drain on the inventor's time and energy, leaving less time open for the actual creative work, thus acting as a block. A lot of inventors are practial people, with little or no financial knowledge or training. They need others to deal with the administrative side, helping out with such issues as may be outside the inventor's scope.

PL BRAKE puts environmental issues before everything else. We do this by only using environmentally friendly or sustainable components in our products. If an environmentally friendly component or product is an impossibility, a recycling system must be set up, along the lines of bottle/can recycling in Denmark.

PL BRAKE places a percentage of its turnover in a Third World Fund, making the money available for inventors in TWC for education and training, possibly for college access in other countries. This will enable them to help their native countries, as well as gaining them entry into the Panel of Inventors Worldwide´s knowledge base.

What is Panel of Inventors Worldwide?
PIW has been created with the topmost goal of putting wind beneath the wings of new ideas and inventions. Secondmost, to pair off innovators with businesspeople to create successful, sustainable enterprises. PIW helps those members stuck in their work or those who are in need of input from like minds. PIW also creates contacts and knowledge networks with draughtspeople, practical helpers, prototype builders and others less likely to move among innovators, thus allowing for synergy and the optimal development process.

How do I join Panel of Inventors Worldwide?
Fill in the form you find by clicking here. Please note that in case of an unsolicited application, you will be liable for a deposit of €100. If you come recommended by at least one member of PIW, your membership will be free of cost. All PIW members have the right to total anonymity.

What can PL Brake offer me?
We offer you the knowledge and help of Panel of Inventors Worldwide members, while allowing you to retain the same control of the process (desgin, materials, etc) as if you were working on your own. We suggest that PL BRAKE/PIW covers the costs of a project. Inventors with no access to a sales organisation may have access to world-wide marketing through PL BRAKE and its established contacts.

What projects are you currently working on?
Basically, we work on projects that are marketable world-wide. Our primary projects are within the fields of social development, infrastructure, and cooperative methods.

What is your organisation structure like?
We are great proponents of self-regulating project groups and a non-hierarchical structure.  Technically, we have split the organisation as follows:

  1. The Top Team – deals with fundamental issues and strategies.
  2. The Personnel Team – deals with any and all co-operation problems, regardless of level
  3. Project groups

How do I contact you?
By using this contact form