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About PLBrake


What can we offer?

What do we offer our customers?
We offer a close co-operation respecting the development of products, such that the final product lives up to the customer’s, and any possible end-user’s, demands.

How do customers benefit from dealing with PL Brake?
Our focus on individual projects aims towards simplicity and viability. Products are to be environmentally sound and ”cost-conscious” as well. This applies not only to purchasing, but also to low operation costs, safety, modular construction and easy maintenance and reparation.

The phrase, ”Keep It Simple, Stupid” (”KISS”) needn’t be an empty cliché. We believe that ”KISS” is the correct approach to each developmental task within a project.

How do we co-operate with our customers?
As our customer and/or end-user, you are the one who knows exactly how any problem is to be defined. As such, a close co-operation is essential in order to ensure that all facets of each problem within a project under development are discovered as quickly as possible.

Producing a toy car is simple, but changing a two-ton Volvo into a toy car would be much more difficult and expensive.
With this in mind, customer collaboration occurs in a close dialog with PL Brake’s support group and the manufacturer who is to mass-produce the final product.

Our customer base
Our customer base consists of large companies that are able to sell our products around the world. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that our end-users are large companies.
A farmer in Africa who has a problem with landmines in his back yard, or near his well, is just as important a part of our customer base. A potential customer could also be the local butcher who wants to sell his meats without being nervous about selling a product that may contain a life-threatening disease. For that matter, a part of our customer base could be Mrs. Smith who wants to serve a salad for dinner that is made from newly harvested, fresh ingredients.

Contact information
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