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About PLBrake


PL Brake is for you who…

PL Brake is for you who wish to experience how thoroughly tested and top-innovative products can be of great benefit and satisfaction. Not smart display models with a multitude of errors and oversights, but 100% complete, functional products.

Why should I, as a customer, deal with PL Brake?

Simply because technologically advanced and innovative products can only be developed in conjunction with someone who really knows which problems need to be solved: the customer. This is especially true where needs, demands, and ultimate performance are on the agenda.

An ancient postulate

It is an illusion that so-called user-driven innovation can only produce the further development of previous ideas, unless of course one were to compare a steam locomotive with an F-16 fighter!

Why this comparison? If one is to accept the postulate of user-driven innovation, then an inventor must suppose that the development of the aeroplane was a simple user-driven innovation of the steam engine, as the aeroplane merely made transport much easier than the railroad.