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About PLBrake


What do we offer the manufacturer?

As the manufacturer, we offer you participation in product development at a very early stage. Production can thus be targeted towards current production facilities, together with owner shares of common project companies.

You will experience a very creative environment and active product control. At the same time, you will notice that we have rather large international connections within a range of branches, organisations and state ministries throughout the world.
In addition, we have begun a formal expansion of our international contacts via country leaders. At the moment, they cover all French-speaking countries via our French country leader who is stationed in Paris, along with the Arab world via our country leader for The United Arab Emirates, who is stationed in Dubai.

What do manufacturers get out of collaboration with PL Brake?

All manufacturers receive access to products that have world market potential, which are marketed through our large international network and among the special trade-oriented interest groups we always create in the wake of new projects. Consequently, each new development receives maximum focus from end-users. The final product will be recognised as having a high level of user-driven innovation, combined with high technology and a high patent profile, which to a large degree creates a basis for patentability.

How does such collaboration function?

Co-operation often starts with a simple prototype, which thereby creates a direct need for contact with a manufacturer. Such co-operation implies a sharing of knowledge and, in the long run, a close collaboration, which will hopefully lead to a co-operative effort vis-à-vis mass production. The manufacturer will thus have an interest in lending out equipment or sponsoring diverse components.

Contact information:

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