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About PLBrake


PL Brake is for manufacturers

PL Brake seeks manufacturers who wish to co-operate vis-à-vis the sharing of knowledge and the sponsoring of materials. These two factors will facilitate finding solutions to various problems within project development, which, in the long run, can make up a part of your production. We likewise accept development tasks ad hoc, either paid in cash up front or through royalties.

Why does PL Brake need manufacturers?

PL Brake needs manufacturers, as collaboration with relevant manufacturers, either directly or via strategic alliances, can secure a project’s completion and commercialisation. In most cases, a manufacturer ought to be involved with every product’s development from the original idea until marketing. Said collaboration should, in order to ensure a project’s continuation, begin as early as possible within the process.

Why should manufacturers co-operate with PL Brake?

At PL Brake, we assume that great financial advantages for manufacturers can be derived by delegating product development to us. In a like manner, we, as inventors and developers delegate actual production to manufacturers. This statement is based upon the fact that we, as inventors and developers, have perfected our talents within the areas of innovation and blazing new trails, just as manufacturers have perfected their talents within the realms of production, service and marketing.