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About PLBrake


What do we offer investors?

We offer participation in thoroughly developed projects, either as Managing Director or a Board Member, according to the economic investment’s percentage size proportionate to capital needed. An investor has, via the office of Managing Director or Board Member, great influence on overall operation. All projects have already been through a ”pre-project” phase, such that success rates are high and risks are correspondingly low.
We additionally offer safe control of internal capital use via transparent ”milestones”, along with regular, on-going audits conducted by a certified accounting company.

What do investors get out of investing in PL Brake?

Investors gain access to an active environment, which takes pride in the project’s completion within established timetables and budgets. This makes for a faster utilisation of invested capital. Note that the inventor consortium PL Brake, as such, can not be an object for investment. In short, we thus hope that investors actively involve themselves in the project in question.

How does co-operation with investors actually work?

Upon investment in a current project, all rights are transferred from PL Brake to a ”virgin” project company. Division of shares occurs via negotiation. PL Brake’s financial yield at the time of commercialisation is used to remunerate our internal participants and/or partners. PL Brake’s participation in, and negotiation of, each project is conducted by a negotiation group specially chosen for said project. This group has the needed competence to carry out every transaction that applies to participants according to previous internal agreements.

Contact information:

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