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About PLBrake


PL Brake is looking for investors

PL Brake seeks investors. Investors of the kind that look for innovations based on user demand, innovations with world-wide marketing potential. Many of our product ideas are based on a desire to improve societal development and infrastructure, and we have spent a lot of energy sounding out the world-wide need, both among end users and decision makers.

Why does PL Brake need investors?

Any R&D process costs money. Even with the PL Brake ”no cure – no pay” principle applied to the R&D phase of a project, the development part of the process can be costly. The capital need will always be reasonably balanced by the earning potential.

Why invest in PL Brake?

We in PL Brakes plan to set up and independent foundation to ensure the future of both Inventor's Consortium and Inventor's Company. In this way, investments in project ideas will be placed in independent companies and in a particular product idea. PL Brake does not aim for ownership of production facilities, but for R&D and ownership of intellectual property rights. We intend to maintain the ”no cure – no pay” principle, so that project companies will not need to worry about development costs – they merely need to hand a R&D job over to PL Brake, and the costs will be covered by the royalties we receive. Remember, R&D is the secret of staying ahead of the competition.