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About PLBrake


What can we offer?

We can offer you, as inventor and member of PIW, a lucrative collaboration between administrative and commercial representatives in PIW, which can lead to the achievement of successful, viable businesses. You will have just as profound an influence on any project as if you held the project in your own hands. This includes choice of material and design etc. PL BRAKE/PIW cover all costs relating to the project. If you, as an inventor, do not already have access to a sales outlet, then we at PL BRAKE can help you through our established contacts around the world. PIW also helps its members who, for example, are in a ”rut” and need inspiration from like-minded individuals. In addition, PIW has an ever-increasing network of competencies (for example, artists, practitioners and others who do not normally mingle in innovative environments, which an inventor and member of PIW can benefit from). This effectuates a type of synergy which contributes to making the development process in a project as optimal as possible. All PIW members are additionally given the right to full anonymity.

Admission to Panel of Inventors Worldwide

In order to become a member of PIW, you must complete the contact form you will find by clicking here. Be aware that uninvited applicants must pay a deposit of €100. If, however, you can be recommended by at least one current PIW member, this membership fee will be waived.