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About PLBrake


Further information

Competition model The competition model (as described in our concept) will not be used until we are able to finance all aspects of a project on our own.
Immaterial rights All immaterial rights pertaining to projects under PL Brake auspices belong to us.
Remuneration and profits All payments are made by the  ”no cure -  no pay” principle. A percentage of the future profit from the project is contractually set for each individual participating in a PL Brake project.
Materials costs All materials costs are defrayed by PL Brake, either via sponsors or by direct paid delivery from our own suppliers.

A Standard Cooperation Contract is drawn up for any involvment. When participating in a project, a Support Contract (Contract of Payment) is drawn up. When transferring a project to PL Brake, a Transfer Contract must be signed.

Framework agreements When approached about a new project, we in PL Brake must sign a No Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving patentable information. Shoud we already be working on a similar or relted project, the latest innovator/ideas person must be offered participation in the project group if possible.
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