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About PLBrake


How did PL Brake come about?

PL Brake was formed from thoughts and ideas inventor and PL Brake creator Lars Christensen has toyed with ever since he was a teenager in the 70’s. The impetus that led to his formulating of the concept itself was connected with the insurmountable expenses he experienced while building a high-technological bicycle cart equipped with brakes, springs and individual exploitation. He convinced several students from what today is known as Copenhagen Business School to work with him. They asked an expert group consisting of three well-known Danish entrepreneur councillors (Laurids Hedaa, CBS, Jens Krumholt, TIC and Christian Sander, DHK), to proof-read their results. The work of forming the concept took roughly eight months and required 16 versions before the experts could approve the combined materials.

How the name PL Brake came about

The name PL Brake is the result of a rather strange ”spin-off”. In connection with the testing of his bicycle, Lars Christensen was repeatedly crashed into from behind, because other bicyclists were not used to a bicycle and attached cart being able to brake so quickly. He therefore met with an electronics designer late one evening. They set about making a print with red diode lights that would function as break lights. The designer asked Lars what the diode lights should say.
Several suggestions were rejected, but suddenly the words PL Brake came to the fore!

Several weeks later, Lars met with yet another designer in Copenhagen who felt that he should have a logo. Lars believed that the logo should be a bright ambulance-like neon colour and the designer did the rest. The result was a tyre mark over the name PL Brake. PL Brake still uses this trite logo today because its gets attention and recognition. For example, several enquiries were directed to a plastics manufacturer in Taiwan. As each was sent in regular envelopes, they were summarily ignored. Lars Christensen then sent an A4 envelope with PL Brake’s logo vertically across the front. A few days after the letter was to have arrived in Taiwan, he rang to the manufacturer in question. At the manufacturer’s secretariat, where between 3-4.000 letters are received daily, PL Brakes letter had been noticed and everyone involved had a definite opinion of the garish logo. Since then, PL Brake's unique logo has been used in more than 25.000 correspondences.

Others show interest in PL Brake

In the autumn of 1996, Peter Torstensen (the current MD at Symbion) along with a think tank at the Danish Ministry of Business asked to arrange a meeting. This meeting evidenced a great interest to find out just exactly what PL Brake actually was, and what our mission entailed. The fact that a newly begun inventor consortium was able to arrange a meeting with the Ministry of Business caused quite a bit of surprise and admiration within Danish inventor circles.

In October 1997, PL Brake was the topic of a full-page article on the front page of the weekly trade journal “Ingeniøren” (The Engineer), along with a long list of other press reviews that year. This one article in “Ingeniøren” is still the single most substantial publicity we have received up until now.

In 1996 former Danish MP Pelle Voigt (who, unfortunately, is no longer a standing member) began work with our renowned landmine detector project. It was a great day for PL Brake. Via Pelle’s participation, we were able to come in contact with the Danish Defence Department’s development service. We also received top marks within the EU-parliament and the EU-commission. Those we have met with include Freddy Blak, Pernille Frahm and Christian Rovsing.