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PL Brake will, as one of a select few invitees, participate at this year's European Road Safety Award arranged by International Road Fededation (IRF). Each year, IRF recognises the most forward-thinking, innovative, and well-researched solution towards road safety with an award.  PL Brake will present their intelligent sign project, RW2, at the 2006 European Road Safety Award.
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Welcome to PL Brake
World of Inventors – World of Opportunities

PLBrake is a worldwide consortium of inventors and investors.
Inventors in heart and mind, investors in both time and money.

The primary goal is development and exchange of knowledge
and ideas along with the realization of projects worldwide.

A lot of people have put their mind, heart and time
into realization of the inventions.

Now you have the opportunity to put money into it
for business and for prospect for the world.


Offer to new members:                                                                              

  • We offer you participation in the Panel of Inventors Worldwide ”PIW®” global network, which is administered by PL Brake. At PL Brake, we work on changing knowledge and ideas into successful, viable companies. This occurs through the help of each participant’s personal resources, such that all processes contribute to a foundation of experiences which minimises redundant labour.
  • As a participant, we offer you a large portion of combined yield. This we secure through continual requirements for investors and producers vis-à-vis fair economic division of added value.
  • And for you, the creative individual with all the new ideas, we create secure conditions so that you may continue to focus on your ideas. This occurs via our skilled network of service teams that handle all tasks that appear in connection with the development, administration and commercialisation of said ideas.
  • See our projects here!

Best regards

Lars Christensen
Director & Founder